Industries: Pharma / Biotech

Pharmaceutical Production Batch Record Review | Training

Course Director: Kerry Potter

Course Fee: $2150.00 Regular Registration / $1950.00 Early Bird (30 Days in Advance) 

Course Description -

This course is intended to take the mystery out of the batch record review process. The class examines the FDA and EU regulatory requirements for documentation and batch record reviews, explains the elements of the batch record review process, and clarifies the pathway to effective deviation investigations. Interactive sessions are included for identifying reviewer responsibilities, establishing good documentation practices, and writing procedures for the review process. Additionally, participants will be able to analyze their company's compliance with these requirements and identify missing elements of the batch review process.

Efficient and effective batch record reviews provide pharmaceutical companies with two strategies. First, reviews are key to maintaining control of your firm's operations, eliminating any guesswork and aiding in the resolution of atypical occurrences. Secondly, they enable a company to maintain and demonstrate a compliant posture - a sure way to avoid any quandary with the regulatory agencies.

Ample time is provided to address specific problems and questions of individual participants. Additional benefits of this class include:

  • Learn not just from the director, but tap into the knowledge of your peers: Participants will have the opportunity to anonymously submit their challenges, problems, and issues for classroom discussion
  • Participants will also have the opportunity for one-on-one consulting with the course director during course breaks and in the evenings. The course director has over 25 years of industry experience

Who Should Attend

This two-day course is designed for pharmaceutical production, quality assurance and compliance personnel who are responsible for the review and audit of production batch records, and batch record deviation investigations. This includes, but is not limited to, such positions in Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Manufacturing, and Packaging groups. Those who supervise, manage, or oversee these activities would also benefit from this program.

Course Agenda

First Day

Session 1

  • Introduction and Expectations
  • Components of a Batch Record
  • Regulatory Requirements

Session 2

  • Elements of the Batch Record Review Process
  • Skills and Responsibilities of Batch Record Reviewer
  • Production and Quality Review Processes

Session 3

  • Documentation Practices
  • Electronic Batch Records
  • Tools for Effective Batch Record Review

Session 4

  • Preparing for the Batch Record Review
  • Handling and Responding to Batch Record Deviations
  • Industry Trends: Observations and Warning Letters

Second Day

Session 1

  • Reintroduction and Recap
  • Training Program for the Batch Record Reviewer

Session 2

  • Metrics and Record Keeping

Session 3

  • Writing Batch Record Review Procedures and SOPs

Session 4

  • Communication Between Production and Quality
  • Questions, Issues, Expectations and Answers
  • Course Wrap-up and Conclusions

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, attendees will gain a clear understanding of the batch record review expectations of regulatory agencies and discover the elements of an effective batch record reviewer training program. Participants will learn how to prepare for a technical review of batch records, as well as how to measure the effectiveness of the review process. In addition to recognizing what to do when a batch fails to meet specifications (deviations), how to determine deviation cause, and corrective and preventive action(s) (CAPA), learners will see the benefits of a working relationship between production and quality reviewers.


"The course was excellent and very engaging. I enjoyed the interactive exercises, especially the QA & Production interaction." Tracy G., Senior QA Specialist, Sharp Clinical Services
"The course director was very engaging, and I wish it was longer than 2 days." Abijah H., Quality Assurance, Proctor & Gamble
"This course was better than most I’ve taken. The trainer was very engaging and provided thorough responses to all questions." Amy D., Cell Banking Manager, Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories
"This course answered a lot of questions and it was well prepared and delivered. Courses I’ve taken with other training companies were more rigid and this course was more comfortable where it allowed you to participate without reservations." Barbara M., QA Associate, Supernus Pharmaceuticals
"Very well planned course and well executed. The Course Director was very energetic and enthusiastic about the subject making the class and material more interesting." Dan P., Senior Principal Scientist, Proteostasis Therapeutics
"The instructor kept us involved in the course and motivated us to fully understand the subject. I enjoyed the fact that I have information to take back and improve our process review of batch records." Kimbra F., QA, Tec Laboratories
"The instructor was very knowledgeable and covered all topics around Batch Records." Jason C., Senior Specialist (QA), Merck
"Very knowledgeable course director and dynamic course environment. Interaction with the director made this course exceed my expectations." Javier G., Quality Engineer, SHL Pharma
"One of the best and most interesting courses I have ever taken. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable." Kathy C., Director, Laboratory Quality Assurance, IAVI
"This was an excellent course. I highly recommend it. I definitely have a few new ideas/concepts to present to my place of employment." Michael B., Quality Assurance Auditor, Colorcon
"Great course, even for a person who has reviewed batch records for years. This was a wonderful, refresher course with useful, helpful information that I can take back to my company and incorporate into our processes. Thank you!" Dana F., QA Specialist, Morphotek
"I really appreciated the manner of engagement the course director brought to our course as a facilitator. He truly took on the dual roles of instructor and facilitator. We had great discussions and dialogue with our other class participants and wonderful opportunities to share our experiences in an open but confidential forum." Jenifer G., Document Specialist, Catalent Pharma Solutions
"The course was very enjoyable, interesting, and the information was presented clearly. I have gained many tips from this course, which will help me in the future when carrying out GMP audits, where BR review is such an important aspect. The information shared between all the attendees was very valuable. It's always great to get actual experiences that relate to my own situation." Clodagh O., QA Manager, Cambridge Laboratories
"This course took me one step further in my career and pharmaceutical practice. It was very interesting, beneficial and enjoyable. I strongly recommend this course for my colleagues who are working in production review and QA. Thank you." Haidar A., Head of Production, PHARMASPEC
"I really appreciated the manner of engagement the course director brought to our course as a facilitator. He truly took on the dual roles of instructor and facilitator. We had great discussions and dialogue with our other class participants and wonderful opportunities to share our experiences in an open but confidential forum." Jenifer G., Document Specialist, Catalent Pharma Solutions
"Best and most informative course I've ever taken! Information was presented in such a way that the material will stick with me for quite some time. The Course Director was excellent!" Charles F., Manufacturing Supervisor, Novovax
"The course was excellent! The hands-on exercises used were by far the most practical I've experienced in such a course. I am leaving this two-day course with several deliverables that I can now implement within our group." Mary S., Quality Assurance Manager, BioMARC
"The course director was very pleasant, well prepared, helpful and encouraged regular interaction. He had everyone engaged and broke the course up well to keep it fresh. He also allowed us to give our expectation up front so that we could get what we wanted from the course. I enjoyed this course and the course director was very nice." David C., Manufacturing Team Leader, Genzyme
"I really appreciate leaving the class with a working document (SOP). Capturing students in their purest form of "think mode" is a wonderful idea & concept." Marney F., Compliance Specialist, Nutrilite

Frequently Asked Questions

How much coverage is given to the documentation of errors during a batch record review?

The material covers both the 21CFR and the Eudralex Vol. 4 content regarding the activities surrounding the batch record review including but not limited to reviewing all production batch records and making sure that all production deviations are reported and evaluated. Most often, class participants share their techniques for handling errors In addition to the instructor reviewing the handling of errors.

My company is using electronic batch record - are EBRs covered in the class?

The creation of EBRs and their relationship to an electronic manufacturing environment are presented, as well as a comparison to paper batch records.

Our batch record reviewers are struggling with the technique of reviewing a record. Does the class present "how" to review a batch record?

In fact, the instructor presents a "best practice" for reviewing batch records and participants actually practice reviewing a record as one of the class exercises.