Pharma / Biotech

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Training Courses Overview

It’s no secret: the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries are constantly changing. Keeping track of any and all updates and staying ahead of the competition is difficult.


Our pharmaceutical and biotechnology training courses allow you to:

  • Improve day-to-day productivity and enhance long-term career prospects.
  • Stay up to date on evolving regulations, increasing competition, and advancing scientific discoveries with content developed and taught by expert, industry-active instructors.
  • Satisfy scientific, administrative, regulatory compliance, and marketing needs, with courses at every level of experience.
  • Minimize potential problems by training lab, clinical, and manufacturing personnel to industry best practices for improved efficiency and profitability throughout product lifecycles.

Customized On-Site Training

Many of our robust biotech and pharmaceutical training courses are also available for instruction at your company’s locations. We offer custom on-site training to help you satisfy specific disciplines and enhance cross-discipline exposure in a tailored format to best suit your needs.

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Certification

Our Certification Program has been utilized by hundreds of pharmaceutical and biotechnology professionals. These industry-recognized certifications can help you enhance your credibility and expand your career options – all at no additional cost above standard course fees!