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Treatment Option for Hep C in Pediatric Patients - FDA Approval
Can FDA approval of Harvoni provide treatment options for hepatitis C in pediatric patients? Read more to find out the safety and efficacy of Harvoni.
Protecting IP: What Should Medical Marijuana Suppliers Do?
How can medical marijuana suppliers protect their intellectual property? Learn what classes offered by CfPIE can help protect what belongs to you.
FDA Approval & Patent Protection of Medical Marijuana
What would it take to get FDA approval and patent protection for medical marijuana. What obstacles do they face? We explore it all in this blog from CfPIE.
New CAPA Process Course for Medical Device Professionals
CfPIE announces new CAPA process course for medical device professionals. Find out the key topic areas covered in this two-day course from CfPIE.
New Certification Track for Skin Care & Cosmetics Professionals
Learn more about the new certification track for skin care and cosmetics professionals offered by CfPIE. Read more about each program and what they cover.
Life Science Training Options - FDA Guidances & Standards
CfPIE updated it's website to make it easier for life science professionals to find training. Learn more about what the courses offer and who we serve.
New Training Course - Staying Current With FDA Approval Trends
Classroom course helps pharma/biotech companies avoid the costs of non-compliance