(BDCP) Biopharmaceutical Development Certified Professional

The Biopharmaceutical Development Certified Professional (BDCP) program is ideal for individuals engaged in the discovery, development, manufacture and commercialization of recombinant DNA-derived biotechnology products (biopharmaceuticals) including, but not limited to, recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies, biosimilars, recombinant antigen vaccines and vaccines crafted from genetic material such as DNA, cellular immunotherapies, etc. According to the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), one in four new medicines of the future will be biopharmaceuticals.

Due to the specifics in biotechnology, fulfilling the regulatory requirements in the development, manufacture and quality of biopharmaceuticals is a tremendous challenge without comprehensive pharmaceutical training. The biopharmaceutical development industry, as well as the regulatory authorities, are constantly faced with new and unexpected changes.

Who Is The Biopharmaceutical Development Program Right For?

This CfPIE Biopharmaceutical Development Certified Professional (BDCP) is designed to enhance the skills of those involved in all aspects of biopharmaceuticals and offers a multitude of course topics to match the needs of industry professionals. The development of this biopharmaceutical development program is in direct response to calls for focused training for the biopharmaceutical sector comprised of an extensive and diverse group of companies ranging in size from small start-up firms to multi-national, multi-billion dollar corporations. These companies provide the resources, both human and financial, that drive the discovery, development, testing, and production of new medical treatments.

Certification Program FAQs:

 Biopharmaceutical Development Certification Requirements:

  1. Choose 3 Core Courses from any of the courses listed below.
  2. Choose 1 Elective Course from any of our other classroom courses.
Advanced Analytical Method Validation: Biologics & Biopharmaceuticals
Advanced Aseptic Processing in the Manufacture of Biotech and Pharmaceutical Products
Foundational Cleanroom Fundamentals: Regulation, Science, Design, Practice, Operation & Management
Foundational Clinical Trial Project Management, Phase 1-4 Best Practices
Foundational CMC Regulatory Compliance for Biopharmaceuticals & Biosimilars
Foundational Comprehensive Overview of FDA Regulatory Compliance for Drugs & Biotech Products
Foundational Developability Assessment – The Logical Approach to Discovery Lead Selection
Advanced Development and Validation of Bioanalytical Assays for Biologics
Foundational Effective Internal and External Quality Assurance Auditing for FDA Regulated Industries
Foundational European Union Regulatory Issues – New Product Development
Foundational Good Manufacturing Practices Training | GMP Course
Foundational GMPs for OTC and Cosmetic Products – US and Global Requirement
Foundational Introduction to Medical Combination Products
Foundational Introduction to Molecular Biology Techniques – Applications in the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries
Foundational Laboratory Equipment Validation and Qualification
Foundational Molecular Biology Techniques – Applications in the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries
Foundational Process Validation for Drugs and Biologics
Advanced Product Quality Reviews
Advanced Specifications for APIs & Pharmaceutical Drug Products
Foundational The Drug Development Process from Concept to Market

Biopharmaceutical Development Certification Program Discounts

If you have 10 or more employees that would benefit from biopharmaceutical development certification, we can offer complete biopharma training program tracks on-site at your facility. For more information on our biopharmaceutical courses, call us at 1-610-648-7550 or contact us.

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