(CMCCP) Chemistry, Manufacturing & Controls (CMC) Certified Professional™ 

The Chemistry, Manufacturing & Controls (CMC) Certified Professional (CMCCP) Chemistry Certification program will benefit those involved in the development and manufacture of pharmaceuticals, as well as, those preparing CMC documents for submission to regulatory agencies. This chemistry, manufacturing and controls training and certification covers requirements for regulatory submissions, as well as, how to adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) throughout the product life-cycle. It offers a broad understanding of chemistry, manufacturing and controls topics and includes other specialized areas. This track covers CMC certification information for both chemical drugs and biologicals. For specialized information related to biopharmaceuticals, see the Biopharmaceutical Development Certified Professional (BPCP) track.

Certification Program FAQs:

Chemistry Certification Requirements:

  1. Choose 3 Core Courses from any of the courses listed below.
  2. Choose 1 Elective Course from any of our other classroom courses.