Course Instructors

Gain In-depth Insights from Leading Experts

Whether your training needs are laboratory, clinical, regulatory, or business oriented, you will benefit from CfPIE life science course directors who are thoroughly experienced and actively practicing professionals. They include PhDs, university professors, engineers, patent holders, lawyers, authors, lecturers, and training directors involved with:

  • Drug Development
  • Clinical Trials (GCP)
  • Manufacturing Processes (cGMP)
  • Regulatory Approvals
  • Consulting Work for major Life Science corporations
  • FDA Submissions
  • Laboratory Practices (GLP)
  • Advertising and Promotion Regulatory Standards
  • Legal Issues

And, by limiting class size to 20 attendees, we ensure that course directors have time to relay the benefit of their latest field experiences and address each participant's inquiries.

One glance through the outlines in our Pharmaceutical/Biotech and Medical Device course listings demonstrates the depth and breadth of CfPIE's comprehensive curriculum and course director expertise.

Thinking of Teaching?

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Course Instructor Application
Instructor Areas of Expertise
Al Bartolucci, Ph.D. Management
Edward Bukstel Management, Regulatory, Quality
Judy Carmody, Ph.D. Biotechnology, Management, Quality, Regulatory
Kenneth Cleaver, Ph.D Product Development, Regulatory
Trevor Deeks Biotechnology, Management, Quality, Regulatory
Sean Develin Regulatory
Robert Dodge, Ph.D. Biotechnology, Regulatory
Michael Drues, Ph.D. Regulatory
Robert Farrell, Ph.D. Biotechnology
Stefanie Feiler, Ph.D. International, Regulatory
Adriaan Fruijtier, M.Sc. Regulatory
Maria A. Geigel Regulatory
John Geigert, Ph.D. Biotechnology, Management, Quality, Regulatory
Dominique Gouty, Ph.D. Biotechnology, Regulatory
Glenda Guest Manufacturing, Regulatory
Priya Jambhekar Biotechnology, Management, Quality, Regulatory
Duane B. Lakings, Ph.D. R&D
Jerry Lanese, Ph.D Quality 
Instructor Areas of Expertise
Paul Larocque Manufacturing
Jonathan Lee International, Regulatory
G. Raymond Miller, Ph.D. Regulatory
Laura Millichamp Management, Regulatory
Kay Monroe Management, Quality
Richard Newmiller Manufacturing, Regulatory
Steven A. Ostrove, Ph.D. Regulatory, R&D
Michael A. Pierro International, Regulatory
Kerry Potter Regulatory
Mary Rafter Regulatory
Jim Rosa Medical Devices, Regulatory
Wen Schroeder Skin/Cosmetic
Philippe Solot, Ph.D. International, Regulatory
Edward W. Sunbery, R.Ph. Manufacturing
Lee Truax-Bellows Regulatory
Steven Weitzel Regulatory
Irving L. Wiesen Management, Regulatory