Skin & Cosmetics Training Courses Overview

You know as well as we do: The skin and cosmetics world is extremely fast-paced. Our cosmetics training and skin care formulation courses are designed to help you stay in front of this aggressive industry that is driven by diverse consumer demands, competitive market claims, and looming regulatory oversight. CfPIE's skin care training program coursework focuses on market trends, regulatory updates, best practices in formulation, and more.

Skin and Cosmetic Certification Course Benefits

Our skin and cosmetics certification courses allow you to:

  • Optimize formulations with new strategies.
  • Learn methods for testing and establishing safety protocols that prevent regulatory scrutiny.
  • Establish best practices while gaining insight into future implications.

Topic Areas Include:

  • Best practices
  • Biomarkers in Skin Care
  • Drug delivery
  • Formulations development
  • Cosmetics good manufacturing practices (GMPs)
  • Ingredient safety
  • Market trends
  • Regulations


Customized On-Site Training

Many of our skin/cosmetics training courses are also available to be taught at your company’s location. Our custom on-site training allows you and your team to access skin and cosmetic courses in a tailored format best suited to your needs and availability.

Skin/Cosmetics Certification

Skin and cosmetics professionals utilize our Certification Program enhance credibility, grow their knowledge base, and stay ahead of industry trends. Cosmetic formulation and skin care certifications are available at no additional cost to regular skin care courses.