Training Course Testimonials

What Your Colleagues are Saying About CfPIE


I was asked to review various training programs and the material from each while in my position at the FDA.  It was clear to everyone involved in this project that CfPIE stood far above other training companies in regard to the quality and impact which their training provides.  To those conducting inspections it was apparent when reviewing documents and procedures that CfPIE training resulted in far fewer critical findings. Dr. Peter C., Neuropsychologist


The instructor brings a wealth of knowledge about CGMP in the cGMP for Quality Assurance and Quality Control of Pharmaceuticals, Biopharmaceuticals and Biologics course with great enthusiasm, and energy. His teaching style, knowledge and experience is applicable for students with varying experience in industry from the very experienced to the less experienced. Kenneth O., Scientist


This was an excellent course that exceeded my expectations. The breadth and depth of instruction was perfect for my personal needs. The instructor was highly knowledgeable and had extensive experience to draw from. Examples were effectively illustrated. The facilities were very good. Kathleen H., Study Delivery Director


I have taken many stats courses in my lifetime and this was the best! The most applicable to my work as clinical trials manager. The director related the stats to real life examples, this was very useful. I would recommend this course to all clinical research professionals. Jane W., Sr. Clinical Res Scientist


I wish I would have taken this course years ago. Bill S., Sr. Associate Scientist


The Course Director did an excellent job! This was one of the best GCP courses I have ever attended! John M., SVP Quality


I really enjoyed the small class environment. It allows you to become very engaged and the class can move at a pace based on the knowledge and skill set of the entire class. Nicole L., Program Manager


The instructor did an excellent job in presenting all materials and making the course enjoyable, while extremely informative and worthwhile. I found the course highly value added. The instructor's industry experience and knowledge, along with passion for quality and compliance was a great learning experience and value. I highly recommend this course. Mike P., Global Quality Systems Auditor


This is one of the best courses that I have attended for quite some time. There was lots of information in addition to that on the slides. The handout pack was superb! The instructor kept everyone's attention and his delivery was excellent. He was also willing to discuss individual questions even after the course. Joanne G., Senior Scientist


The Course Director was definitely an expert on things related to Stability. I liked that the Director has experience in industry. Other courses I've attended have had instructors with academic backgrounds that didn't necessarily transfer or apply to the REAL WORLD. Cary P., Research Scientist


The Course Director was very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and available to all course attendees for consultation. The course was well worth the time and expense. I will certainly sign up for other courses offered by CfPIE. Terry T., Technical Writing Manager


This course provided the road map to methods validation (through the course material) that is often hard to find elsewhere in guidance documents, forums, etc. Mike D., Senior Scientist


It was refreshing to finally find a course that focused on two rarely covered topics: Biologics and CMC. The instructor was wonderful – interesting, engaging and knowledgeable. Rachel T., Bioprocess Technical Writing


The Course Director was absolutely excellent! He made statistics easy to understand and even fun and exciting! His depth of knowledge coupled with his teaching style helps make the class, and I will refer co-workers to attend. Everything covered was relevant for my day job. The Course Director was able to answer all of the questions asked and provided real-left examples. I could not more highly recommend this class to others! Laurie. D., Global Medical Director


I enjoyed the Writing Effective SOPs course. I'm now working on a difficult, but very interesting task which also includes a new concept for writing SOPs. One of my colleagues just praised the material we got from your course. I couldn't agree more! Brilliant. Lene M., Communication Adviser


Excellent course! Materials and instructions were easy to understand and follow and can be applied to career activities as well as in my personal life. The instructor kept the pace moving and presented excellent activities and class participation to really drive points home. I have attended several training courses with CfPIE as well as others and this was the best course and instructor I have encountered. - Ron F., Validation Lead


This is the third consecutive course I've taken with CfPIE over the last three years. I have yet to be disappointed! The Course Director was great and I'll definitely use what I learned in my job. Saritha D., Sr. Regulatory Specialist


The course director is a wonderful teacher/facilitator. He was able to address the needs of the class at a level that everyone understood. He made the topic interesting and was a wealth of knowledge. I would take many more classes with him as the instructor. Rosemarie A., Clinical Ops. Associate


The course director made a great presentation related to the connection between design controls and process validation. The section on Risk Analysis was also very informative and showed how this analysis helps determine validation requirements. Chris D., Quality Engineer