Why Advanced Certifications from CfPIE Make a Difference to Hiring Directors

For professionals in the regulatory fields, certifications like the CMDCA certification are something that can make a big difference on your resume. However, they aren’t required to have a career in the field, which leaves many professionals wondering why they should spend the time and money to pursue these certifications. From a hiring director’s point of view, these certifications are more than just a resume booster, and here’s why.

Some Certifications Make You Necessary

Within the regulatory field, there are some positions, such as an internal auditor, where a certification is necessary to ensure that the company is falling in line with IOS requirements. However, even if you aren’t working towards a job in one of these positions, having a certification may make it more likely that you will be a necessary part of a team. Some companies may have their own requirements regarding education and training to ensure that they are meeting their own standards for quality control.

Certifications Ensure That You Are Up-to-Date

The field of regulatory requirements is always changing and being updated. Having a recent certification shows that you are up-to-date with the latest information in the industry. Additionally, many certifications require professionals to take regular continuing education courses or exams in order to maintain their certification. This means your knowledge will always be evolving with the industry standards, which is something that a hiring director will value.

Advanced Certifications Are More Valuable to Hiring Directors

CfPIE offers advanced courses and certifications for those in the regulatory and auditing fields. These certifications are not basic certifications but are advanced, complex certifications that leave students with a thorough working understanding of all the concepts in the courses. These programs are taught by industry professionals who have real-world experience in regulatory and auditing processes. These are things that a hiring director will see as evidence that you truly do have the skill necessary for positions within the field.

Certifications Help Working Professionals Climb the Ladder

If you are already working for a company in the regulatory or auditing field and want to move up in the company, you may find yourself across the desk from the hiring director competing against many other internal candidates. Having advanced certifications in the field can help you stand out when the competition is just as skilled and experienced as you are. Hiring directors see that you’ve taken the initiative and invested in your skillset, which makes you a valuable option for moving up in the company.

The Value of a CfPIE Certification

The bottom line is that certifications can be very valuable to hiring directors if they are advanced certifications that ensure that you have a working knowledge of the most up-to-date practices in your field. CfPIE provides all of these things, leaving you with a very valuable certification that you can present to any hiring director with confidence, whether for a new job or to move up in your company. Learn more at cfpie.com.